The JASON Teacher Consortium

Engage your community, students, and parents in scientific thinking

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The jobs of the future will require STEM literacy and skills. Students will need to learn how to become “scientific thinkers” in order to thrive in the new economy.

Will your classroom be ready?

JASON is announcing the JASON Teacher Consortium, which will allow teachers to be a member of an exclusive club of like-minded educators who advocate for better STEM education. As a non-profit, JASON has assembled a unique set of tools that help teachers elevate their approach to bring STEM to all students.

Being a member of this exclusive consortium brings unique benefits that will enhance individual teachers outreach to students.

STEM Curricula

Teacher Training

Role Models

JASON is offering any school district facing closures due to the effects of the coronavirus free online access to our digital platform and STEM curricula.  To take advantage of this offer, have a district representative complete the short form at

Teacher Annual Membership - 30 Students

$3951 Teacher with up to 30 students

Access to all available curriculaLive WebcastsSTEM Role ModelsNewslettersSharing OpportunitiesLeadership OpportunitiesSpecial DiscountsJoin Now

Teacher Annual Membership - 150 Students

$13751 Teacher with up to 150 students

Access to all available curriculaLive WebcastsSTEM Role ModelsNewslettersSharing OpportunitiesLeadership OpportunitiesSpecial DiscountsJoin Now


JASON currently offers 9 curricula in the life, earth, and physical sciences with new modules continually being developed. All modules integrate engineering design.Traditionally sold as a comprehensive bundle, JASON now offers these 9 curricula individually, to best meet the specific economic and implementation needs of a single educator.

Included in Teacher Consortium: Choice of ONE curriculum.


Teacher Consortium members will receive 4 newsletters that contain helpful hints, important education announcements, STEM innovations, and much more from JASON trainers, fellow educators, and the educational community. These newsletters deliver a treasure-trove of ideas and strategies to make the teaching experience more fun and relevant.

Included in Teacher Consortium: 4 exclusive newsletters

Live Webcasts

Live Webcasts Connect Educators to Inspiring Scientists: JASON is renowned for providing opportunities for educators to dig down deeper into the actual science behind today’s innovative research efforts, programs, and STEM careers. Live webinars allow teachers to interact with real scientists on subjects of interest in the world of STEM, ultimately enriching the experiences they are able to create for their kids in the classroom

Included in Teacher Consortium: 2 live webcast teacher interactions.


Teachers Consortium members are connected to each other through JASON, and will have the opportunity to submit lessons, ideas, and strategies highlighting JASON content and activities to inspire and help colleagues implement JASON in the classroom. Contributors receive a certificate of completion acknowledging the accomplishment, time and effort taken. These certificates may, in turn, be used internally to obtain continuing education units or credits through the teacher’s school district.

Special Discounts

As a Consortium member, teachers will receive a 10% discount on print materials and 10% discount on attendance at the JASON National Conference in June.

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