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Meet JASON's Explorer-At-Large

Lorie Karnath

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Lorie Karnath
JASON Explorer-At-Large

Lorie’s lifelong mission — represented by the words “Explore, Discover, Share, Preserve, and Sustain” — matches perfectly with JASON’s mission to inspire and educate students everywhere through real science and exploration. As such, she is today not only a member of JASON’s Board of Directors, but has accepted the role of JASON “Explorer-At-Large!”

In this role, Lorie will help connect JASON with exciting scientific exploration, research, and education around the globe, sharing her experiences through blog posts and live webcast events as she travels the world in support of the myriad of projects and initiatives she engages with.

Spending her childhood years in Concord, Massachusetts, Lorie was inspired by writers like Emerson and Thoreau who fostered her love of nature from an early age. A family move to Europe early in her life instilled a fondness for travel and exploration that has taken her to the ends of the earth in search of answers to some of the planet’s most elusive questions.

Today Lorie is the co-founder of The Explorers Museum and served three terms as president of The Explorers Club — the second woman to hold this position in the organization’s 112-year history.

Her current work has been especially focused on efforts in the realms of science and education. She has been instrumental in building schools in remote areas, including several in China. The latest school she’s helped build is for 150 children in a rural village in Burma that until now had no school or even electricity.

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She has conceived and implemented many cutting-edge programs around the world which foster creativity, discovery and the sciences. Lorie also participates on numerous international scientific and educational boards. She is a founding member of the Molecular Frontiers Foundation (MFF), and now serves as Managing Editor for The Molecular Frontiers Journal. Over the past decade the MFF has created symposia that serve to identify and consider scientific initiatives of global import. This sharing of discovery serves to increase accessibility to, as well as foster the understanding of new scientific developments while serving to inspire audiences of all ages around the world. The organization also serves to connect key researchers from around the world on matters of notable scientific significance.

Lorie was also nominated a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (RGS) and was a founding member of the RGS’s Hong Kong branch. She is also a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the Explorers Club. Lorie has led several Explorers Museum pennant and Explorers Club flag expeditions, including one that followed the migration of the white storks which helped to establish a sanctuary in Northern Germany for these animals.

Lorie works in the television realm helping to produce programs that feature exploration and discovery. She is a lecturer and author of numerous books and articles on the sciences and exploration as well as a blogger for Huffington Post and Two Paragraphs.

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