ThinkDigital Mobile

Teach your students about the devices that power our modern lives!

ThinkDigital Mobile — JASON’s first Computer Science curriculum! — teaches students about the technology inside their mobile devices. This project-based unit teaches students about:

  • How mobile devices really work
  • The networks that make mobile possible
  • The services, hardware, and software that power mobile
  • How content-driven mobile apps are designed and structured
  • How to collaboratively design, develop and publish a real mobile app that anyone can install on their own device

With ThinkDigital Mobile, your students will create their very own apps!

All of this learning takes place through one or more ThinkDigital thematic labs, including:

  • Our Town: Tell the story of a place and its people using mobile technology. Students are tasked with learning about a community, its history, and the people who have made contributions to the area.
  • Revolutionary War: Students tell the story of famous places, landmarks and war heroes using mobile technology. In this lab, students are tasked with learning the history, events, and people of the American revolution.
  • Power of Women: Student teams join forces to contribute to a digital mosaic highlighting the contributions of women. Each student chooses a role model to add to the application, building and sharing their story and accomplishments using mobile technology to create an interactive experience.
  • Monster Storms Weather Ready: Work collaboratively in real time to design and create an emergency response app for your community, state, or country.
  • Farm to Table: Students design a business, manage customers,and control product inventory.

JASON’s real-world context keeps student focus on the outcomes of what they are building while exposing them to the underlying technological capabilities.

  • No coding required — perfect precursor to more advanced Computer Science courses
  • Focus on design and usability
  • Real-world challenge models how mobile designers really work

Get ThinkDigital Mobile now as either a stand-alone unit for your class, or as an add-on to your existing JASON Learning subscription.

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