JASON Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by Sea Research Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the National Geographic Society. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, the mission of JASON is to inspire and educate kids everywhere through real science and exploration. JASON provides multimedia curricular experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for K-12 students, and corresponding professional development for educators in a wide variety of formal and informal education environments. Each comprehensive JASON program includes reading selections, hands-on activities, videos, and online games for students, and lesson plans, implementation tips, and a powerful digital platform for educators. Live, interactive events throughout the year connect JASON participants with inspirational STEM role models. JASON’s in-school curricula cover core content areas and can be used as replacements for traditional textbooks or as enriching supplemental materials. JASON’s after-school offerings, which include the popular Immersion Learning program, bring the thrill of scientific discovery to students in Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, 21st Century Learning Centers, and other out-of-school settings.

Sea Research Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, operates Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT; the Ocean Exploration Center, focused on deep ocean environments and led by Dr. Robert D. Ballard; and, in partnership with National Geographic, JASON Learning. The mission of Sea Research (www.searesearch.org) is to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through education, research and exploration.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Stephen M. Coan
President and CEO, Sea Research Foundation and The JASON Project
John Fahey
President and CEO, National Geographic Society
Terry Garcia
Executive Vice President, Mission Programs, National Geographic Society
Jerrold T. Lundquist
Director, McKinsey & Company

The JASON Team

Dr. Stephen M. Coan
President and CEO, Sea Research Foundation and The JASON Project
Dr. Eleanor Smalley
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Sean Smith
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Denise Armstrong
CFO - The JASON Project & Sea Research
Katie Cubina
Senior Vice President for Educational Programs
Pat Shea
Vice President, Live Events
Laura Batt
Director of Programs, Immersion Learning
Lee Charlton
Director, Educational Partnerships
David Shaub
Director, Systems Engineering & Administration
Pritika Singh
Program Specialist
Molly Hunter
Program Specialist
Arun Murugesan
Sr. Applications Developer
Amy O'Neal
Regional Director of Educational Partnerships
Jeremy Urquhart
Assistant to the President
Todd Viola
Content Management Consultant